IPMI History


The IPMI (Industrial Projects Management Company of Iran) (Private Equity) has been established by the Industrial Development and Renovation of Iran (IDRO) under the number of 14625 for the construction of buildings with title of “Tabriz's House building Co.”


The name of the company changed to “Kaseb House building Co.”


Due to the development of activities in industrial fields and implementation of construction projects under the direction of the IDRO, The name of company was renamed to the “Industrial Projects Management Company of Iran” (IPMI)


In order to fulfill the mission of the company and in accordance with the requirements for the continuation of activity, the merger of “South Petronegin Company” into IPMI was registered at the Office of Registration of Companies.

It should be noted that the company has been subject to the law of assignments to the non-governmental sector from the past few years, in accordance with the general policy of implementing of principle 44, but according to the decree of the Council of Ministers dated 2014.06.03, the transfer has been withdrawn from the list.

Office History

Industrial Projects Management of Iran (IPMI) with more than 40 years of experience is regarded as one of the leading EPC Contractors in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemical industries. IPMI strive to render its services with the best possible quality, price and time to the clients in a way that it could compete in national and international markets. By having competent and professional specialists, IPMI is able to carry out mega projects in oil, gas and petrochemical industries as turnkey, independently or in collaboration with domestic and foreign consultants, contractors and manufacturers. Privilege of available highly qualified personnel, let us to be involved in Industrial projects specially in Oil , Gas and Petrochemical plants from Conceptual Studies to Commissioning and Hand-Over.