• Engineering


    Engineering department has professional personnel with different specializations in the following disciplines:
    1- Department of Civil Engineering, Structural and Architectural
    2- Department of Engineering, Piping
    3- Department of Mechanical Engineering (fixed and rotary equipment)
    4- Department of Electrical Engineering
    5- Department of Mechanical Engineering
    6- Department of Telecommunication Engineering
    7- Department of Color Engineering and Insulation
    8- Department of Process Engineering and Safety
    9- Department of Control Engineering Documents (DCC)

    Our duties and capabilities in this department generally include:
    • Issue Project and Procurement Items (MR)
    • Technical Bid Evaluation of the vendors participate in the tender for the supply of project equipment and materials (TBE)
    • Detailed engineering and issue of detailed DWG for installing equipment and executive activities in different disciplines of the project using the specialized skills in relevant software such as :
    • For pressure vessels (COADE PVELITE)
    • For heat exchangers (ASPEN B-Jac Teams)
    • For storage tanks (COADE Tank)
    • Plumbing and modeling software such as PDMS
    • Reply to technical questions of executive contractors (TQ)
    • Etc.

  • Procurement


    Procurement department has professional engineering personnel with diverse expertise in piping, fixed and rotary equipment, electrical, instrumentation, telecommunications in the following departments:
    1) Department of Sourcing
    2) Department of purchasing
    3) Department of Fabricating and Expediting
    4) Technical Inspection Department
    5) Department of Transportation and Customs clearance
    6) Department of inventory Control

    Our duties and capabilities in this department generally include:
    • Supply of various rotary mechanical equipment (such as pumps, compressors, turbines, Mixers, mechanical seal, fan and blower)
    • Supply of all kinds of fixed mechanical equipment (such as drums and columns, spherical and atomic Tanks, heat exchangers, reactors, Desuperheater, Flare)
    • Supply of various mechanical piping equipment and materials (such as pipes, fittings, flanges, Nut and bolts, gaskets and washers, filters, valves, plates and sheets) . Providing pipes in various. types of alloy steel and CS according to the relevant standards of gas, oil and petrochemical industries.
    • Supply of all kinds of mechanical paint and insulating materials (paint, insulation, sandblasting)
    • Supply of various mechanical equipment packages (support packages, process packages, special packages)
    • Supply of various mechanical equipment for drilling (drilling equipment, drilling mud)
    • Supply of electrical equipment and instruments for Plants & Refineries
    • Providing commercial services, engineering services and technical inspection in the form of a MC contract

    By implementing the following organizational processes:
    • Bidding and contract with the vendors or manufactures of the required equipment and materials of project.
    • Holding Kick off meeting, Coordination Meetings, Pre Inspections Meetings.
    • Supervise and expedite the schedule of fabrication, transportation, clearance and delivery of material and equipment
    • Review the vendors’ factor and accelerating coordination in the relevant approvals and timely payment of the amount
    • Supervising the scope of the contract for the purchase and delivery of commodities according to the requirements of the engineering Department
    • Coordinate with the QC Department to carry out timely inspections according to the ITP (Inspection Test Plan) and follow the non-conformities.

  • Construction


    Construction department has a wide range of engineering personnel in various disciplines and general specialties in the following departments:
    1.Supervision 2. Quality Control 3. Technical Office 4. Project Control 5. Commissioning 6. HSE 7. Financial 8.Administration 9. Store 10. Security
    Each of those departments interacts with the corresponding department in the headquarters and receives general policies and guidelines and present reports.

    Our duties and capabilities in this section generally include:
    1) Installing equipment and executing project activities according to Time schedule
    2) Managing and overseeing contractors
    3) Issue the work permission for project activities in accordance with the Time schedule and open work frontiers
    4) Eliminate contradictions and conflicts in the interconnection between executive Contractors
    5) Preservation of received or installed equipment and materials
    6) Quality control of executive activities

  • Commissioning and Performance test

    Commissioning and Performance test

    This department has professional engineering personnel in the discipline: mechanics, process, electrical and instrumentation.
    Their duties and capabilities generally include:
    Pre- Commissioning:
    1) Piping section: Perform preliminary cleaning, hydrostatic and finalization of lines for Commissioning.
    2) Mechanical section: matching equipment installation with design requirements, performing preliminary cleaning, blinding inputs and outputs of Fix equipment, and performing cold tests on rotary equipment.
    3) Electrical and instrumentation department: Insulation test, signal analysis and power tests
    4) Piping section: leak test, flushing
    5) Mechanical section: chemical cleaning, filling chemical and catalyst, lighting equipment, neutralizing equipment by neutral gas injection, hot Commissioning
    6) Electrical and Instrumentation section: Powering Electrical Substations, Loop Testing, Neutral Testing, Operational Tests
    7) Commissioning and testing of the carbon dioxide system and the fire and gas detection system, firefighting system and firefighting water
    Performance Test:
    8) After the design and stabling of the conditions, equipment activity and process performance are tested for 72 hours without interruption. These tests must be continued until the values specified in the equipment specifications (within 72 hours) are maintained.